If Computer Problems Were Real

Greg is having a really bad day at the office.

Starring Dave Urlakis, Lisa Linke, Wes Needham, Lee Russell, Mel Evans, Pat Dwyer, Zack Whittington, and Peter Kremidas. Directed by Dave Urlakis and Zoran Gvojic. Written by Dave Urlakis. Sound by Mark Kleinfelder. Shot, edited, color sound and graphics by Zoran Gvojic.

As seen on: Huffington Post, Gizmodo, Cheezburger.com, Neatorama, The Awesomer


4 thoughts on “If Computer Problems Were Real

  1. Dave you have a wonderful gift for writing. Have you ever considered writing something in the format of let us say Candid Camera? I really think you would be good at it!

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