Dinnermost Thoughts

A question that comes up in any relationship — what do you want to have for dinner?

Written and directed by Dave Urlakis. Starring Dave Urlakis and Mel Evans. Cinematographer by John Morrison. Edited and Graphics by Zoran Gvojic. Music by Jason Knox. The Noun Project Artists — Zoran Gvojic, Tom Glass Jr., Jacod Halton, Andrew Cameron, James Keuning Anuar Zhumaev, Diego Naïve, Pei Wen Kwang, Klara Zalokar, Anna Wang, Dan Christopher, Natan Gorelik.

As seen on: 22 Words, Neatorama, Daily of the Day, The Awesomer, TastefullyOffensive.com, Laughing Squid, The Huffington Post, FAIL Blog


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