Alex Sherman

Alex ShermanAlex Sherman is a Cinematographer, Gaffer, Camera Operator and all-around nice guy. He and his brother Ben have been working with the Awkward Spaceship team since the Spring of 2013. Alex is currently a Graduate Student at DePaul University’s Digital Cinema program, where he also received his bachelor’s degree. He is always running about Chicago shooting numerous projects of all shapes and sizes; if you ever see him, feel free to stop by and say “hello!”

Videos: The Sphinx – Awkward Spaceship Live, Theme Song Confusion – Awkward Spaceship Live, Tang Dynasty – Awkward Spaceship Live, What ThunderCats is Really About, Catherine the Great – Awkward Spaceship Live, Paper Towels – Awkward Spaceship Live, Pizza Mistake, Back From the Dead – Day Drinking, Crosswords – Day Drinking, Decimation – Day Drinking, Flavored Vodka – Day Drinking, Rough Night – Day Drinking, Crushes – Day Drinking, Dinner Plans, Robots – Day Drinking, Phones – Day Drinking, Invisible Bear – Day Drinking, Dumped or Fired – Day Drinking, Airlines and Twitter, Competition – Dentally Challenged, X-Rays – Dentally Challenged, Between Us Girls – Dentally Challenged, ‘Tis the Season, Platinum Grill – Dentally Challenged, Jerry – Dentally Challenged, History Lesson – Dentally Challenged, Laffy Taffy – Dentally Challenged, The Racist – Dentally Challenged, Flossing – Dentally Challenged, The Tooth Fairy – Dentally Challenged, How to Remove Wisdom Teeth – Dentally Challenged, Teeth So White – Dentally Challenged, We Can’t Stop Prop List, The New Assistant – Dentally Challenged, Applied Theoretical Physics

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