Corey Rittmaster

Corey RittmasterCorey Rittmaster has been performing improv, sketch, and stand up comedy since the early 90’s, first in Kansas City and now in Chicago. He recently performed sketch comedy with The Second City on board Norwegian Cruise Lines in Alaska, Hawaii, and the Caribbean, but on land Corey is an ensemble member of Laugh Out Loud Theater, a staff writer for Talk Hard – a live, late night talk show, and has appeared in commercials for Payless, The NFL Network, Le Cordon Bleu and more. Corey would like to thank his friends and family for their friendship and familyship, but most especially his beautiful, smart, funny, talented, delightful, and charming wife Monique, whom he let edit this bio. Follow @CoreyRittmaster on the Twitter!

Videos: Flossing – Dentally Challenged

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