Dave Innis

Dave InnisDave Innis has his act together. He currently owns no less than 6 pairs of shoes and bought his first grill this year, which he has so far used once. Once. He also enjoys designing things and animating other stuff, when he’s not browsing eBay for Fisher-Price Movie Viewer cartridges, of course.

Videos: Theme Song Confusion – Awkward Spaceship Live, Tang Dynasty – Awkward Spaceship Live, Catherine the Great – Awkward Spaceship Live, Paper Towels – Awkward Spaceship Live, Between Us Girls – Dentally Challenged, Jerry – Dentally Challenged, Laffy Taffy – Dentally Challenged, The Tooth Fairy – Dentally Challenged, How to Remove Wisdom Teeth – Dentally Challenged, Teeth So White – Dentally Challenged, The New Assistant – Dentally Challenged, Reward if Found, Voltron in Real Life

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