Dave Urlakis

Dave UrlakisDave Urlakis is an actor, writer, and improviser based out of Chicago, IL. He is the creator behind the viral sketch channel Awkward Spaceship, which has over 4 million combined views across YouTube and Funny or Die. Dave is also an ensemble member at ComedySportz Chicago, has improvised at iO (formerly ImprovOlympic) as part of Swoon and Skeleton Attack, was part of the critically-acclaimed sketch comedy duo Urlakis & Cusick, and was one of the writers and performers behind the hit religious satire sketch show Best Church of God. Dave also enjoys a good sandwich. @daveurlakis

Videos: The Sphinx – Awkward Spaceship Live, Theme Song Confusion – Awkward Spaceship Live, Tang Dynasty – Awkward Spaceship Live, What ThunderCats is Really About, Catherine the Great – Awkward Spaceship Live, Paper Towels – Awkward Spaceship Live, Pizza Mistake, Dear LinkedIn, 1-900-Gary, Back From the Dead – Day Drinking, Crosswords – Day Drinking, Decimation – Day Drinking, Flavored Vodka – Day Drinking, Rough Night – Day Drinking, Crushes – Day Drinking, Dinner Plans, Robots – Day Drinking, Phones – Day Drinking, Invisible Bear – Day Drinking, Dumped or Fired – Day Drinking, Airlines and Twitter, Theme Song Confusion, Competition – Dentally Challenged, X-Rays – Dentally Challenged, Between Us Girls – Dentally Challenged, ‘Tis the Season, Platinum Grill – Dentally Challenged, Jerry – Dentally Challenged, History Lesson – Dentally Challenged, Laffy Taffy – Dentally Challenged, The Racist – Dentally Challenged, Stop Naming Princesses Zelda, Flossing – Dentally Challenged, The Tooth Fairy – Dentally Challenged, How to Remove Wisdom Teeth – Dentally Challenged, Teeth So White – Dentally Challenged, We Can’t Stop Prop List, The New Assistant – Dentally Challenged, Dinnermost Thoughts, Applied Theoretical Physics, I Can’t Complain, Dear Lou Bega, Would You Still, Jade Valley Coffee, Eggnog Connoisseur, Game Night, Dramatic Macaroni & Cheese, Literal Crime Scene Detectives, Dan Windman, TV Show Lawyer, Reward if Found, Father Son Chat, Super Mario Bros Bank, Avengers Barbecue, Bake Sale, Knock, Knock, Pure Gotham, Morsel Kombat, Danger Hospital, The Printer Cartridge Fairy, Doctor Who Yo Mama Jokes, Holiday Meat Post-It Notes, The Mummy Meets Human Resources, Voltron in Real Life, Drinks with the X-Men, If Computer Problems Were Real, Magic Trick, Katy Perry Lyric Translator, Math, Angry Birds Addicts Anonymous, Expired, Secret Lair Comics, The Weather

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