Kate Lambert

Kate Lambert
Kate Lambert received her BA in Theatre from Wake Forest University.  She most recently performed in The Second City Mainstage revue, Let Them Eat Chaos.  She has also performed with The Second City Touring Company and as an understudy on The Second City’s e.t.c. Stage.  She has written and acted in shorts that have been featured on such sites as The Huffington Post, MTV, MoveOn.Org, Cosmopolitan, Perez Hilton, Feministing, College Humor, LaughSpin, and Italy’s Vanity Fair.  She was nominated for Best Supporting Actress at the Gold Coast Film Festival (TEACHERS webisode, “Fairy Tales”).  She is a member of the comedy group, The Katydids, and regularly improvises at iO with The Armando Diaz Experience and Virgin Daiquiri.   For more information, please visit her website at www.katelambert.com.

Videos: Between Us Girls – Dentally Challenged, Jerry – Dentally Challenged, Laffy Taffy – Dentally Challenged, The Tooth Fairy – Dentally Challenged, How to Remove Wisdom Teeth – Dentally Challenged, The New Assistant – Dentally Challenged

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