Ryan DiGiorgi

Ryan DiGiorgiRyan DiGiorgi edits videos for Awkward Spaceship. When he’s not doing that, he occasionally writes and podcasts about movies at Critical End!, and very occasionally reviews old video games at Just Games Retro. Follow him on Twitter at @rdigiorgi and regret it almost immediately.

Videos: Back From the Dead – Day Drinking, Crosswords – Day Drinking, Decimation – Day Drinking, Flavored Vodka – Day Drinking, Rough Night – Day Drinking, Crushes – Day Drinking, Robots – Day Drinking, Phones – Day Drinking, Invisible Bear – Day Drinking, Dumped or Fired – Day Drinking, Theme Song Confusion, Competition – Dentally Challenged, X-Rays – Dentally Challenged, Between Us Girls – Dentally Challenged, ‘Tis the Season, Platinum Grill – Dentally Challenged, Jerry – Dentally Challenged, History Lesson – Dentally Challenged, Laffy Taffy – Dentally Challenged, The Racist – Dentally Challenged, The Tooth Fairy – Dentally Challenged, How to Remove Wisdom Teeth – Dentally Challenged, Teeth So White – Dentally Challenged, The New Assistant – Dentally Challenged, Applied Theoretical Physics, I Can’t Complain, Would You Still, Eggnog Connoisseur, Dramatic Macaroni & Cheese, Father Son Chat, Avengers Barbecue, Bake Sale, Knock, Knock, Doctor Who Yo Mama Jokes, The Mummy Meets Human Resources, Drinks with the X-Men

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