Wes Needham

Wes NeedhamWes Needham has had a blast working with Awkward Spaceship! He came to the big city in search of any art form or stage time he could grasp. He performs in multiple venues for which you may have seen him or should try to see him sometime, including ComedySportz Ensemble, iO, Second City Donny’s Skybox, and The Playground. He’s also a company member of the Jeff Award winning “The New Colony” . Wes enjoys writing and performing stand-up. You can keep up with his goings ons at www.wesneedham.com. There you’ll find future performances, social media (@WesNeedham), and film content for your enjoyment. Believe in your dreams, unless your dream is to hate on playas bein playas. Cuz playas gonna play.

Videos: If Computer Problems Were Real

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