Yadira Correa

Yadira CorreaYadira Correa is a native of Puerto Rico. She has worked with Renaissance Theatreworks (Milwaukee), Teatro Vista, Collaboraction, Halcyon Theater, About Face Theater, Vitalist Theatre, Mortar Theatre, Sour Mash Productions, and Urban Theater Company. Plays include: Tanya Saracho’s “Enfrascada: A Comedy of Hoodoo Proportions” at 16th Street and Renaissance Theatreworks, “Corazón de Manzana” with Mortar Theatre Company, as well as most ensemble-devised works at Teatro Luna (from 2003 to 2009) including: “Machos,” “Lunatica(s),” “Solo Tu,” “S-e-x-Oh!”and “Jarred.” Yadira is an alumni of the School at Steppenwolf.

Videos: X-Rays – Dentally Challenged, Between Us Girls – Dentally Challenged, Jerry – Dentally Challenged, History Lesson – Dentally Challenged, Flossing – Dentally Challenged, Teeth So White – Dentally Challenged, The New Assistant – Dentally Challenged, Applied Theoretical Physics

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