Zack Whittington

Zack WhittingtonZack Whittington is an Actor and Videographer for Awkward Spaceship. He went to real schools to learn the acting thing, and he went to the internet schools to learn the videoing thing. He likes jumping, mustard, and Falcor.

Videos: Dear LinkedIn, 1-900-Gary, Theme Song Confusion, I Can’t Complain, Would You Still, Eggnog Connoisseur, Dramatic Macaroni & Cheese, Father Son Chat, Super Mario Bros Bank, Avengers Barbecue, Bake Sale, Knock, Knock, Pure Gotham, Doctor Who Yo Mama Jokes, Holiday Meat Post-It Notes, The Mummy Meets Human Resources, Voltron in Real Life, Drinks with the X-Men, If Computer Problems Were Real, Magic Trick, Math, Angry Birds Addicts Anonymous, Expired

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